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Our Mission
Poverty in life is an evil that may remain as long as a satisfying solution to the economic structure is not made. Our aim on that thought is to provide people with less than favourable situations a chance at getting something they desire, starting an altogether new life and business. KP Jewelers isn’t just a mere jewelry company, but rather a company that has a humanitarian purpose to it.

“I want to leave no stones unturned when it comes to helping in reducing the suffering of men and women who are unable to afford for themselves, that is why we at KP Jewelers work hard to ensure that equality is maintained and policies are provided to help anyone in need.” – Prahlada Bagda

We are also looking for people who are keen on helping our cause, that is, improving KP Jewelers, both from the technical and public side. Our motto is “Live life a humble way, bring happiness your way”.

Our Story
It all started with a simple yet complicated goal, how do we improve rural life and help people living in rural areas invest in jewelleries/gold? This question was answered with the opening up of KP Jewelers on 21st September, 2021.
To deal with the problem of rural people being unable to buy jewelleries, we have had to come up with a way to reach a life that is still relegated to villages. We have had success with initializing over 600 policies that have benefited the general population of India.
We have our target set to have an exponential growth rate till the end of 2023 to spread our business throughout the country.
Having worked with various jewelry companies in the past and eventually starting our own company, KP Jewelers strives towards a brighter future for simple and affordable purchase of jewelry.

About KP Jewelers

KP Jewellers is a relatively new yet widely different service that can be used effectively to convey various services to those who are less than fortunate in terms of wealth and are living in rural settings.
Those who are in desperate need to get jewelry (perhaps due to a wedding or alike) or are simple looking to invest in jewelleries may just try out KP jewellers to get the maximum benefit.
The company is made in mind to benefit people who are in a financial crunch but are still desiring to buy jewellery or are looking to make a capital investment in jewellery. KP Jewellers can prove to be the solution for such problems.
Inspired by some of the well-known jewellery companies such as Tanishq, KP Jewellers offers a robust model of jewellery purchase.
Currently, this company is focused on providing their services to the maximum in rural areas.

How KP Jewelers is different from the rest of world. Let's know it!

In many businesses, schemes often turn out to be a one way trip to new problems for those who are investing in it. This is often seen when a customer is unable to procure their goods after maturity of their deposits.
This is why KP Jewelers is different, as it has been made with financially challenged people in mind, steps have been taken to ensure that you won’t be cheated out of your hard-earned money through some of the following ways:

Excellent Customer Service
We have an excellent customer service centre open both online and offline (you can contact the service through either mobile or telephone number).
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Safe & Secure Investment
With a 24/7 customer service and a service that focuses on efficient purchase of jewellery, you can be rest assured that your money is in safe hands through and through.
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