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Super Profitable Reseller Business with the KP Schemes

Super Profitable Reseller Business with the KP Schemes

Suresh Prasad : An Incredible Story

this has been the case of Suresh Prasad, a small-time shop owner in Jaipur who has been looking to invest in jewellery for reselling purposes. However, getting jewellery in the first place was next to impossible for him. That was the case until he discovered KP jewellers, although it was an arduous journey for him – “I had to borrow money from my relatives as I had promised to return the same back to them with interest, eventually, after 6 months of deposits, I got a deposit from KP Jewelers and got the jewelry.” After this, Suresh was able to sell jewelry at a higher rate and with time, pay back the loan along with earning profit from doing this constantly.
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